What a thrill..!!


The patented Seahorse Ski attachment gives you instantaneous success by getting you on top of the water & enjoying the sensation of barefoot waterskiing first time..! Even experienced skiers are enjoying the benefits of improving their skills.

The Seahorse Ski uses the natural lift provided by the water. When the boat reaches the desired speed, the Seahorse Ski will provide enough lift out of the water so you can decide when to put pressure onto your feet or skis.

The Seahorse Ski is perfect for everyone both adult & children of all ages, single ski and barefoot waterski.

The Seahorse Ski also assists in transitioning from 2 skis to one, from one ski to barefoot and 2 skis to barefoot.

It’s fun & exciting and can really help to nurture and build the passion for skiing.

With the Seahorse Ski you can participate as much or as little as you like, with the benefit of staying up and out of the cold water.