About Seahorseski

Seahorseski Team

We here at Seahorseski love all aspects of Waterskiing.
We developed the Seahorseski device with every step in mind, from the unique shape that keeps the seat steady in the water, to the 15 second clamp for quick set up and removal, which can be easily stored away under your seats, in the cabin or stowed away in its own bag.

It's a new way to waterski
The Seahorseski was designed for the purpose of getting more people involved in waterskiing, whilst enjoying a day out on the water with friends & family.
Imagine giving the grandparents or better still the littlies a go who hadn’t skied before, let alone been out on a boat.

Giving everyone “INSTANT SUCCESS” up on their feet or ski’s with confidence.
The Seahorsekski provides the boat driver with the minimal boat turn-arounds to retrieve its skier. Therefore more fuel economy, for a fun affordable healthy day out on the water.
The Seahorseski is designed to give the waterskier the freedom to progress in their own individual manner. You can either rely on the Seahorseski or take your weight off it & you're skiing on your own.
The Seahorseski engages the skier immediately standing them up into a correct position, easily receiving instructions from the boat driver at the same time, without falling and constantly trying to remember many instructions at once.
It gives the skier the confidence to know they can do it so easily.

The Seahorseski is quality Australian designed and made. Greatly reduces the risk of injury, long lasting, strong & durable, marine compatible components. 
Professionally packaged, the Seahorseski is ready for a fast delivery worldwide with a heavy duty aluminium frame, tough & durable carry bag that features thick padding to the underside.

What does the Seahorseski do?
The Seahorseski is unlike any equipment on the market today, the device easily attaches to the boom within 15 seconds set up. The patent pending designs gives support to the user as they sit on the comfortable padded seat. It allows you to keep your legs elevated until you are ready to ski, by slowly lowering your feet or ski’s to the water, as the boats accelerates.
The Seahorseski moves into position to accommodate the skier as they progress into correct position, supporting the skier through any sudden jolts that may be produced if ever your feet flick back / or waterski’s come off (wearing the ski’s with loose bindings is highly recommended for safety) you can easily pick your feet back up into position or continue on skiing, or stop & retrieve the lost waterski.
Subconsciously your body will make its own corrective changes with the minimal assistance, allowing you to stay calm and in control but more importantly, spending more time on top of the water, skiing.
An experienced boat driver who can offer continuous support, communicating with the waterskier can give many advantages also.

Waterski schools
Many waterski schools using the Seahorseski are saying their clients are improving & building confidence using the Seahorseski without taking so many of those hard crashes, and wearing themselves out before they get to reach their goal safely.

These ski schools start most of their clients on a Seahorseski just to see where they are at with their skill level & confidence, then depending on the skier, they progress to the boom, then short rope etc.

Amazingly some of the ski schools have had clients who have come along & picked things up so quickly, going straight from the Seahorseski to the boom, then short rope in one day.

Growth & interest in watersports is increased bringing back many more & new clients keen to build on skills they already have or just want to feel part of the scene.

Now, instead of just being in the boat & observing, everyone gets a chance to be involved!
This kind of feedback affirms the product is effective in providing enjoyment & success for everyone!

Share the Seahorseski with all the family, young and old. With the Seahorseski you can participate as much or as little as you like with the benefit of staying up and out of the cold water.Even the most experienced skiers are enjoying the benefits of improving their skills.

If you're interested in trying a Seahorseski out before buying why not contact some of the many waterski schools here in Australia/ US / Philippines /Korea / New Zealand / Swiss Waterski Resort Clermont.

Get more friends & family joining you out on the water this summer soaking up the rays and having fun. What a buzz!

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