Seahorse Water Ski

Barefoot water skiing for beginners

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What Is The Seahorse?
"It's The Newest Way To Waterski"
Safe, Fun and Easy to use.

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If you love sharing the experience of waterskiing with your friends and family, then you are about to become very popular with the use of the Seahorseski. They will be laughing and lining up for their next turn while watching all the action from the side of your boat. Watch them all grow in confidence as they want to get involved.


Water-skiing is a high exertion activity that can wear you out pretty quick. If it's been a long time since you've skied and you are looking for an easy way back into the action, then the Seahorse is perfect for you. Now you can go for long runs on cruise mode while you allow the Seahorse to share some of that fatiguing load. Why not have the hours of fun without the sore body that used follow.


The Seahorseski can be used as a training aid to teach the use of 2 skis, 1 ski and barefoot without falling. You will be a ‘super coach’ as they learn quickly without the need for constant turn-arounds and unsuccessful attempts. It will lift the skier to a comfortable seated position with the right amount of weight down on their feet with the greatest of ease. You will gain the belief of your students as they follow you down the learning path.


Let’s help improve the lives of our wounded warriors, youth and adults who are differently abled by providing the opportunity for them to participate. The Seahorseski has also been utilised as a tool for rehabilitation during the past few years at various Adaptive Watersports venues. Transforming individual people’s lives & giving the opportunity to highlight the potential of the many people who have visual or hearing impairments, amputations etc. who can individually gain the sense of joy, achievement that everyone can feel when participating in the sport of waterskiing.


If it's excitement that you’re after, then take a fun run on the Seahorseski. It’s like nothing you've ever experienced as you glide through the water on the comfortable seat with your feet up or barefoot across the glassy water pushing weight down on each foot. Stand on 1 foot or wave to the crowd. You are guaranteed to come away smiling!


Following the success of the original Seahorse waterski we have incorporated over 6 years of practical experience and feedback to refine and revise the original design.

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